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Bill book, Co., Contacts.  Another on which account promissory notes, bills of trade, and other bills payable or receivable are kept: it may contain or accept all the issues a man issues. 
The book will display the contract period, the time it lasts until it is payable, the identities of all the parties to it and the day it is payable, along with the sum with which it was paid.
Furthermore, bill book are part and parcel of all financial activities within a company. Which helps maintain your financial documents and reduce your bookkeeping period.

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You are letting us know what kind of book that you want. Our graphic artist will be available to help build you. In addition, Bill book will add your company name, title, contact information, etc. Our company also delivers messaging service at your door in the Kluang area.

Billbook, company, reports. Another that holds a banknote, taxes, and other things payable or receivable is that it contains all that a man encounters or gets. The book would signify the date of payment, the period before it was due and the names of the parties to it, and the date of its completion, in compliance with the amount for which it was paid.