Packaging, Label Design Details

Let us know your requirements :)
  1. Size?
  2. Please provide us with sample/reference of the type of design that you prefer. What is your colour preference? Please let us know your main colour and secondary colour for the Label Design.
  3. What are the colours that you don’t want in the Label Design? 
  4. Provide us with all of the information regarding Label Text and Photo information that  you wish to use in the Label Design

Label Design Processing Steps :)

  • Step 1

    • We will make 2 Label designs for you to refer
      • Please choose which artwork that you are prefer and tell us on what you need to enhance on the artwork.

  • Step 2
    • Label Design Enhancement
      • Label design will be enhanced based on your comment and we will let you check it again to confirm. You will need to let us know on what you need us to edit.

  • Step 3

    • Design finalized and confirmed. 
      • We will send you an Adobe Illustrator (.Ai) file, and a high resolution image soft copy for you.

Final Artwork will be completed. All artwork will be saved and given/sent via Email with the following formats:

Label Design Fee RM 500

  • All Text, Paragraph, Photo, Images & Slogan is provide by customer
  • Pricing NOT included Photo Shooting

Terms and conditions:
  • Full payment to kick start the Logo Design
  • Editing can only be done twice (2 times only)
  • Additional editing after that will be charged RM 30 for each editing.