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If you intend to pay for the products or services you are providing, a bill book will come in handy. Choose a billbook for carbonless copy paper (CPC) which will help you transfer material written on the front to the sheets below.Because of inserting a separate layer between the original and the planned version, on the back side of the top cover, carbonless replication paper contains micro-encapsulated dye or pigment, which tolerates the duplicate. It will allow the consumer to retain another bill sheet and thereby encourage record keeping for them.

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We will customize your invoicing book to match your needs. Our skilled consultant would be pursuing your enquiry to create a bill book. To save time and energy for our clients, we even have courier service at the doorstep of our customer at Kinta.

Branded bill book, also known as invoice book, is an significant part of the daily operations of the company. To print them out, make reports of your profits and expenditures at any time of the financial and accounting departments. The trademarked bill book even states the recipient they got the invoice from.