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When you have to pay for the items or services that you sell, you can find a bill book useful. Pick the Carbonless Copy Paper(CPC) bill that helps transfer details on the face to the books below. The carbonlos reproduction paper is micro-encapsulated dye or ink in the rear of the board that allows for the replication instead of inserting a special blade between the original and the intended reproduction. You can therefore keep an additional bill sheet for your customer and thus make recording easier.

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Our company provides our customers with a robust service to customize your account book. There will also be no regional problem as we offer courier service to your door via Subang, Sleangor.

An important part of the company's day to day operations is the branded bill book, also called an invoice book. In order to print it out, notify the financial and accounting departments on the income and expenditures at any time. Even the recipient they received the invoice from the registered billbook.