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Selangor Signboard Company​

LED Light Signboard 

LED Light Signboard is an energy efficient, brightness, and environmentally friendly advertising and marketing tool. LED Light Signboard was known as the fastest growing promotion medium in various industry, it was suitable to be used in either indoor or outdoor for those building such as shopping complexes, shop lots, factories and more. LED Light Signboard is always the best choice to boost the company reputation and image.

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Selangor Signboard Company​


LED Light Signboard


LED Frontlit

LED Frontlit Signboard provide a better and an attractive views for people.

LED Frontlit & Backlit

Combination of both frontlit and backlit designs of LED signboard produced more brightness effects and create a more visible impacts.

LED Backlit

LED Backlit Signbord design gives a hidden brightness, softer light and create a marvellous looks for your company looks.

LED Exposed

LED signs with exposed LED design make your company signage looks more special and unique that able to attract people.

LED Frontlit & Sidelit

Combination of both frontlit and sidelit designs of LED signboard able to create a beauty sense to your company outlook.

LED Light Bulb

Strong, bright, and eye-catching LED light bulb-designed definitely can produce an awesome visual effect to viewer.